Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Why is it called Tour de Fuzz?

When we came up with that name, we were shocked that almost everyone under 30 didn't know that the "Fuzz" was (and our minds, still is) slang for "the cops". Besides the fact that you youngsters nowadays don't know your American History (the rebellious hippies of the tumultuous 60's gave us that name..who knows why), you kids nowadays have such sucky names for us ..What?— the "Po-Po", really?...what's that? Or "Five-O"?...yeah, you stole that. "Tour de Po-Po", yeah, that's really gonna work. Not.

So we're Tour de Fuzz: Cops from far and wide with the cop-supporting public, riding together to help our great partners in Law Enforcement Chaplaincies — those highly trained, compassionate people who help us help our communities at times of great crisis. Tour de FUZZ. That sings, baby. And besides, any word with two "z"'s in it has to be cool

2. Do I need to check-in for the ride?

Correctamundo. All riders must be registered and check-in to participate. At check-in you will receive your rider number, which enables you to ride the course and participate in all event-related activities, including our fabulous ride food, post-ride meal and entertainment, and free beer and wine. You will need to have your number with you at all times.

3. Can I change my route?

Yes. When you check-in before the ride, our friendly staff at the Registration table can help you make the change. There are no refunds for a decrease in ride length, and increases will cost an additional $10 per level (e.g. to increase from 50K to 100M is two levels). You can pay this additional amount when you check-in.

4. Just how hard is the Commando 100-mile route?

If you haven't ridden a 100 mile ride before, don't let this be your first. Really. Our 100-mile Commando ride (not to be confused with naked riding) includes a Geysers challenge and you should be extra fit for this route!

5. What should I bring?

A bike in tip-top shape (you won't get far without it), two water bottles and anything else you need to be comfortable on the ride. There's plenty of food before the ride, at the rest stops, and at the Finish Line post-ride BBQ & celebration party. But if you have special dietary needs, we recommend you bring your own special stash of food to keep you happy and healthy along the way.

6. What if I have mechanical difficulties?

We all have mechanical difficulties, some of them in more private spaces than the road. But never fear! The ride has SAG (which means 'support and gear') vehicles with professional mechanics at each of the rest stops, who will help you as quickly as Monty Python's Bicycle Repairman. That said, your bicycle should be in top mechanical shape before attempting the TdF, and you should carry a pump and spare tube.

7. How will I know where to go?

At check-in you will get a lovely map that can double as a memento of your spectacular day (you may frame it if you wish; our resident graphic designer would be touched). And, in case you haven't noticed, we take signage seriously (and, boy, do we have plenty of orange cones).
A map and good signage ensure you keep going in the right direction. Too bad the rest of life doesn't work that way.

8. What if it rains?

Rain or shine, we're like the postman — the show must go on (or something like that). We figure if we get a little rain, it just adds to the camaraderie of the ride. You may transfer your registration to someone else, free of charge. For more details, see our Refund Policy.

11. Can I transfer my registration? Does the transferee have to ride the same route (ride length) that I signed up for?

If you cannot make the ride you can download the Transfer Form and some other lucky person gets to ride! The transferee will pay a $15 fee to take your registration when they check in.

Happily, the transferee does not have to ride the same length! So if you signed up for the 50K, the transferee can ride the 100K or 100-mile! That said, if they are riding a longer ride, they must also pay the increment. For example, if you signed up for the 50K and they want to ride the 100K, they will pay an additional $10. No discounts are given for riding a smaller ride (e.g. if you signed up for the 100K and the transferee decides to ride the 50K).

12. What is the price to ride the Tour de Fuzz?

The cost depends on the ride you select.

  • Enthusiast - 50K (35 Miles) - $79.00
  • Roadie - 100K (63 Miles) - $89.00
  • Commando - 100 Miles - $99.00

Here's something you probably haven't seen in a ride before, especially not in a ride for under a hundred bucks: Our prices include the Finish Line BBQ Celebration (and as many times as you want to go back; you aren't limited to one 'meal ticket'!), all beverages including wine and beer, breakfast, coffee, and more. Now that's wine country hospitality!

The 100-mile Commando also includes an optional King/Queen-of-the-Mountain Challenge complete with 12 awarded jerseys! Heck, with any of our rides, you'll feel like a king or queen!

13. Is Tour de Fuzz for police only?

Absolutely not. We call it a ride with Sonoma County's Finest because it's a commmunity thing — and time to appreciate law enforcement and law enforcement chaplaincy working together for a healthy community. We have a lot of LEO (lingo for law enforcement officer) riders, but most aren't.

14. Why are the police called "the fuzz" anyway?

It's a hard question to answer but we think that Cecil Adams does a fine job trying in his article at By the way, our police constituents of the team don't seem to mind being called 'the fuzz' — believe it or not, it appears that they've been called worse.

15. I'm a law enforcement officer (LEO) — why should I ride?

Join your fellow LEOs for one heckava good time and to support a cause that you really should be supporting! Read more on our LEO page

16. Are kids allowed to ride?

Yes kids can ride! And kids-at-heart like us, too. Most riders are in their early 20s to 60s. Riders under age 16 MUST have a parent or guardian also riding or as a registered crew member. We charge pedalling children full price because they are fully provided all the same safety and support services — SAG vehicle support for their bikes, mechanical support, rest stops, medical support, the after-ride "good stuff" and more. You may carry a child in a child seat for a reduced entry fee — please contact us for registration help. Trailer attachments on bikes are not allowed.

17. Are tandem bikes allowed? Are bike trailers (for kids) allowed?

Yes, tandem bikes are welcome! Bike trailers aren't however.

18. Do you have food for vegetarians?

Absolutely. Our Finish Line Celebration has more than a BBQ — it includes freshly made vegetarian options from local sources. Of course, our breakfast and rest stops have vegetarian foods too.

19. Are there bike rentals for out-of-towners?

Indeed — through NorCal Bike Sport and Bike Partners. Located in Santa Rosa, they rent bikes — including tandems. Click here for contact details.

20. I bought Tour de Fuzz gear and it doesn't fit. What do I do?

Cycling gear runs tighter than normal clothes, so almost all issues are that it's too tight/small (we try to guide you but understand it is still a challenge to get it just right without trying it on). In short, we could snicker and say you should go on a diet, but we've been there ourselves! Though gear is non-refundable since it is custom-made, we want you to be 200% thrilled. We will happily exchange your gear for a size that fits you... without the hint of a snicker.

21. I dig what the law enforcement chaplaincy does and would like to support the cause. How do I?

Click here to go to the Law Enforcement Chaplaincy of Sonoma County donation page. We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit doing amazing things in the community!

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