Geysers KOM/QOM Challenge


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About the Geysers KOM/QOM

KOM/QOM means King-of-the-Mountain and Queen-of-the-Mountain.  It is a timed portion of the ride and an opportunity to challenge your legs, lungs, and peers to win the 'crown' (actually, one of the coveted polka-dot jerseys!) awarded in the late afternoon of the Tour De Fuzz.

Tour de Fuzz holds this special event, which is operated by our friends at Red Peloton, every year.

The KOM/QOM challenge is available only to "Commando" (100 mile) riders, as only the 100 mile ride includes the Geysers route.


  • WHO: The Geysers Challenge is a FREE optional perk available to all Commando 100 mile route participants.

  • WHERE: The KOM/QOM takes place on the first 4 miles of the Geysers Rd. climb.

  • DIFFICULTY: The climb is approx. 4 miles in length - 1,800 ft of elevation gain at 8.4% average grade. There will be a few short sections of gravel. Make sure to obey all traffic laws and fill up your bottles at the Red Peloton stations at the bottom and 4 mile summit!

  • PRIZES: We award special KOM/QOM jerseys to each of the winners in the 6 categories for both men and women (12 winners in all*). All category results will be read at the Finish Line BBQ after the ride and on the Tour De Fuzz website after the event. You will be awarded a custom ultimate Pactimo jersey to fit your size!