Starting & ending in Santa Rosa, Tour de Fuzz takes you on a cycling adventure.  See why Bicycling Magazine chooses Sonoma County as a destination for their annual "Dream Rides".  This year you'll enjoy dozens of new, baby-butt smooth, freshly paved roads on our route (thank you Sonoma County!).  Plus so much more!

  • Beautiful wine country ride — with one of our rest stops at a local winery.

  • Finish Line BBQ Celebration with some of the best barbecue pork and chicken you will ever taste. Vegetarian food too, by local Amy's Kitchen!

  • Lagunitas Beer & Sonoma County wines included!

  • Amazing Rest Stops with a lot to choose from - from great energy options to fresh fruit to Boudin cookies!

  • Post-Ride Entertainment: Great music and Law Enforcement demos!

  • Geysers King/Queen-of-the-Mountain Challenge for Commando (100 Mile) Riders - 12 winners get a polka dot jersey!

  • Free Friday night early registration and social hour for our riders. Come to our venue and have a beer or a glass of wine on us and enjoy some true Sonoma County hospitality.

  • Full SAG support - in case you have any difficulties, we'll be there!

Everything before and after the ride takes place at our Santa Rosa Venue:

90 Ursuline Rd., Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Selecting a Ride Length

Please be cautious in selecting your ride.  Both you and your bike should be in good shape and ready to ride.  The 100 mile route in particular includes a very challenging ascent up Geysers Road which is not suitable for novice riders and will be challenging even to good riders who have let their fitness level lapse a bit.

Also, some of the descents on this route in particular are fast and technical.  You can easily let yourself get above the speed limit coming into tight, technical turns, and get yourself into some serious trouble.  Also, be aware that parts of our routes have some uneven pavement, loose gravel, etc.


Choose from (click each link to view the routes):

  • Enthusiast - 50K (35 Miles) - $79.00
    The Enthusiast is a cruise through stunning scenery and only 505 ft total ascent with maximum elevation at 220 ft.

  • Roadie - 100K (63 Miles) - $89.00
    The Roadie is a magnificent ride with rolling hills – moderate climbs with 2,273 ft total ascent and a maximum elevation at 482 ft.

  • Commando - 100 Miles - $99.00
    The Commando is an epic ride with a very challenging climb up the Geysers (including an optional KOM/QOM Challenge) – a total 6,100 ft ascension and a maximum elevation of 2,874 ft.

What's all the buzz?  There's so much to Tour de Fuzz!  Check out our AMAZING perks!  What other ride includes wine and beer?

Note: You'll receive a printed route map at time of check-in.

Event Parking:

Your best bet for parking is either:


  2. Park at Kaiser Medical Center, 3925 Old Redwood Hwy, Santa Rosa, CA 95403 (one mile down the street; THANK YOU Kaiser for lending us your lot!)

To make it easy for those who bicycle to Tour de Fuzz or park further away, we have a complimentary BAG DROP at the venue so you can bring a change of clothes or whatever you need!